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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

HSBC International Offshore Accounts Files - 100 PALL MALL LONDON Anthony Clarke UK BUSINESS ANGELS * BARCLAYS INTERNATIONAL Offshore Accounts Tax Evasion Criminal "Standard Of Proof" Prosecution Files - SCOTLAND YARD SO19 Firearms 9mm. EXCHANGE DISCHARGES Weapons Attacks "Forensics" Files - HSBC INVESTMENT BANKING SYNDICATED $1,OOO,OOO,OOO (ONE BILLION DOLLARS) Crime Syndicate Files - Carroll Maryland Trust - FBI DEA Most Dangerous Criminal Organization Crime Syndicate Case

The Carroll Foundation Trust case took a further disturbing twist with yet another UK Law Society firm "named" in the compelling criminal evidence FBI Scotland Yard Carroll Case Files. Sources have confirmed that the highly respected City of London law firm Manches LLP premises were "penetrated" by the "core cell crime syndicate" which "removed" Carroll Foundation Trust archival administrative records within a co-ordinated criminal seizure operation attempt targeted at the trust's primary Carroll Global Corporation group of companies world wide interests.

HSBC Holdings Plc. Forensics Weapons Attacks Carroll Trust:

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